My Training


I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers and mentors -- past and present.

The gifts I'm honoured to share today are rich with the wisdom, creativity and love that I receive(d) from those who guide(d) me. 


Certification/Training Programs



Modern Yogi 300-Hour Teacher Training

Brea Johnson, Heart + Bones Yoga

{in progress}

Labour & Postpartum Doula Training & Mentorship

Sasha PadronCentre for Growing Families

{in progress}

Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training

Leslie HowardLeslie Howard Yoga


Advanced Prenatal-Postnatal Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Sasha Padron

Advanced Pranalife Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Asia Nelson, Pranalife Yoga

85-Hour Prenatal-Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

Sasha Padron, YogaSpace Toronto


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Asia Nelson, Pranalife Yoga


Core Confidence Specialist Certification

Bellies Inc


Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology (with Distinction)

University of Alberta


ASL-English Interpreter Certification

Grant MacEwan College - now MacEwan University


Recent Courses/Workshops




Through both my personal experiences and in my work in pelvic health, I owe much gratitude to these brilliant women who offer me their knowledge, guidance and support.




We're so fortunate to live in a time when we have access to diverse and extraordinary resources beyond our local communities - online and in print publications. These are the movement practitioners that I draw on and greatly respect for the information and inspiration that they offer so generously to the global community in the name of wellness.

Katy Bowman

Biomechanist, Natural Movement Specialist, Nutritious Movement

Brea Johnson

Yoga/Movement Instructor, Heart + Bones Yoga


Haley Shevener

Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist


What Others Are Saying...

If you want quality, depth, compassion, brilliance, and someone you can trust - you’ve found her. By far one of the best yoga instructors and pelvic floor specialists available.
— Asia Nelson, Pranalife Yoga
Sarah and I did pre/postnatal yoga teacher training together. From the very first day, Sarah’s warmth and generosity of spirit stood out for me. As we learned and practiced together, I also witnessed the technical proficiency and intuitive fluidity that she brings to her practice and her teaching. Watching her, it is obvious that her expertise is grounded in the study and practice of yoga, in its truest sense, both on and off the mat, and that she is deeply committed to personal evolution, connection between women and with our true selves. This is all topped off by the beautiful smile that is never far from her lips and eyes.
— Racquel G. Smith, yoga teacher (Toronto)
Shout out to Sarah de Poray for the AMAZING work you are sharing with YOGA AND PELVIC HEALTH!

Sarah is a bright light and I feel so fortunate to know her personally and professionally. This woman is in her flow and in alignment with her gifts. I was fortunate to work with Sarah postpartum to support my pelvic health with one of my great loves - Yoga! She is a certified Yoga for Pelvic Health instructor and has the ability to create and hold space that allows you to move deep into your body - fast! Sarah was so good at holding the energy while I flowed between taking care of myself and my baby. She took great care in properly aligning my body, used language that allowed me to truly feel deep into my diaphragm, pelvic bowl and vulva. She helped me access my deeper knowing as she knew that my world has been centered around tending to my little one’s needs and all I needed was gentle guidance back to my wise centre.

If you are nervous about going to a Pelvic Health Physio (first don’t be, but if you are) - try a private session with Sarah to help orient yourself into what may be new terrain. If you are comfortable in your feminine landscape (term from Tami Lynn Kent of Wild Feminine), Sarah de Poray will help take you to the next level, or re-situate you if it’s been a while. If you are postpartum, prenatal, if you have incontinence, prolapse, painful sex, previous medical trauma (ouchy or uncomfortable Pap tests or other invasive procedures) and want to create a new relationship with your pelvis - see Sarah! She came into my home and transformed it into our own personal safe studio.

— Jessika Marie - Women's Work