Without question, these words of love and support are among the greatest rewards of doing the work I do.

Each of you have touched my life and my heart.

Thank you sincerely!

My hope with this testimonial is that I can convey how much Sarah has already helped me improve myself not only physically but mentally as well. Before I met Sarah, the only thing I knew about yoga was seeing people who were able to put their bodies in positions that required a lot of flexibility. Improving flexibility wasn’t the type of yoga I was looking for.

I needed someone who understood the complexities of living with Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and how important it is to exercise safely with this condition. Sarah is compassionate, understanding, energetic and committed to helping me. She is teaching me the proper way to use my pelvic floor muscles not only to strengthen my pelvic floor and exercise safely but also how these muscles play such an important & integrated part in my daily life. Sarah challenges me to push myself a little farther each week while making sure I am staying within my ability to perform those exercises.
Sarah goes above and beyond. She takes the time to follow up with me during the week, has made videos for me to follow at home and sends me a practice program each week to work on between sessions.

Most importantly Sarah has taught me there is so much more to yoga than exercise. I am learning how important meditation and mindfulness are to help reduce the stresses in life and move forward to achieve a peaceful sense of being. I feel very fortunate to have found Sarah de Poray.
— Kelly Buckley
If you want quality, depth, compassion, brilliance, and someone you can trust - you’ve found her. By far one of the best yoga instructors and pelvic floor specialists available.
— Asia Nelson, Pranalife Yoga
Shout out to Sarah de Poray for the AMAZING work you are sharing with YOGA AND PELVIC HEALTH!

Sarah is a bright light and I feel so fortunate to know her personally and professionally. This woman is in her flow and in alignment with her gifts. I was fortunate to work with Sarah postpartum to support my pelvic health with one of my great loves - Yoga! She is a certified Yoga for Pelvic Health instructor and has the ability to create and hold space that allows you to move deep into your body - fast! Sarah was so good at holding the energy while I flowed between taking care of myself and my baby. She took great care in properly aligning my body, used language that allowed me to truly feel deep into my diaphragm, pelvic bowl and vulva. She helped me access my deeper knowing as she knew that my world has been centered around tending to my little one’s needs and all I needed was gentle guidance back to my wise centre.

If you are nervous about going to a Pelvic Health Physio (first don’t be, but if you are) - try a private session with Sarah to help orient yourself into what may be new terrain. If you are comfortable in your feminine landscape (term from Tami Lynn Kent of Wild Feminine), Sarah de Poray will help take you to the next level, or re-situate you if it’s been a while. If you are postpartum, prenatal, if you have incontinence, prolapse, painful sex, previous medical trauma (ouchy or uncomfortable Pap tests or other invasive procedures) and want to create a new relationship with your pelvis - see Sarah! She came into my home and transformed it into our own personal safe studio.

— Jessika Marie, Mavens for Mama
I am so grateful that I was able to participate in the Pelvic Health series with Sarah! She creates such a caring open environment for women who deal with pelvic floor issues to come together and learn daily coping strategies, exercises to strengthen pelvic health, and meditation. Sarah is so knowledgeable and caring and I have learned so much from these sessions.
— M.R., participant in Yoga for Pelvic Health series
Sarah has a fantastic energy that is very grounded and positive. She has this wealth of knowledge about post-partum health that she carries with confidence and a curiosity in really knowing your own body that she is able to spark in others.

I have already noticed improvements in my stress incontinence, posture (which in turn has decreased some neck/shoulder pains), and overall stronger core.

The age-old mantra of “look forward, not back” is so obvious but it never seems to be applied to women and their bodies, when it really should! There are so many things that add to each person’s “body story”, like Sarah kept describing, that trying to go backwards is a thankless task with all the new things that will keep happening. I think everyone needs to be reminded of that in each stage in life and to focus on what you are doing in your body NOW. Thanks for everything Sarah, I have learned so much from you! :)
— Allysha, participant in Reclaim Postpartum You series
Generally, a pre- or postnatal yoga class is just that - yoga. And although I really do appreciate Sarah’s approach to yoga breathing and positions, which I am rediscovering after many years, her classes are so much more. Sarah takes the time to honour the expectant and new mothers in her care. And that is just how she sees it - you are in her care. She wants to help equip you with self-acceptance, self-trust and honouring the process of becoming a mother. The purpose of yoga is to align your body. Sarah also aligns your spirit and your heart - ensuring that you remain on track with yourself and how your body wants and needs to move. In the delivery room, I had Sarah’s voice in my head telling me to trust my body and how it wanted to move through the birthing process. I felt stronger and more self assured as a result of her class. I cannot recommend Sarah’s classes highly enough - I think that any expecting or new mother would greatly benefit from simply being in the same room with someone who expresses so much love and respect for the pre and post partum experience.
— Penny Buck, Evolving Mama at Juici Yoga
Compassion, knowledge, kindness, enthusiasm, humour, perspective, sensitivity and a deep desire to help others: these are just a few of the qualities that Sarah possesses. She is a true champion for all women and a powerhouse in her own right. I truly believe the world is a better place because she is in it!
— Tynesha Bennett, Soul Bowl Yoga
I absolutely love Sarah and her ‘Reclaim Postpartum You’ series! With helpful visualizations, Sarah slowly introduced us to our pelvic floor and deep core muscles systematically broadening our awareness of and connection to them and their functioning. The class was perfectly paced and provided a wealth of information to take into everyday life. By the end of the series, we had many tools to help stabilize and strengthen our core and pelvic floor including an entire flow of exercises that we can easily continue to do on our own.

Sarah is a compassionate, accepting person who encourages curiosity about ourselves, avoiding judgement and thus creating a warm, loving, safe space to explore not only the physical changes of our postpartum bodies, but also our emotional and mental evolutions.

I highly recommend Sarah’s series for anyone postpartum. It would benefit not only those suffering from pelvic floor issues and/or a weakened core, but also those just not feeling quite right or wanting to reconnect to a body that feels different after having a baby. Even 2 years postpartum, my improvement over the 6 weeks of the series was marked ~ I feel so much stronger, have less incontinence, and am thrilled to have such applicable tools and information that I continue to use every day.
— Michelle Baumtrog, participant in Reclaim Postpartum You series
I just wanted thank you for the awesome yoga classes. My daughter was born 3 weeks early and came super quickly (my contractions started at 4am and she was born at 6:45am). Needless to say, I didn’t get my much desired epidural and felt everything!! That said, I feel like all the work we did throughout the yoga classes really helped me focus my attention during my contractions and pushing exactly when I needed to and really contact to what I needed my pelvic floor to do. I wanted to thank you for the amazing instruction and guidance.
— Chantelle Odobetskiy
Yoga for Pelvic Health has made me more aware of my body and its needs which I have tried to incorporate into my daily life. Sarah’s welcoming and caring attitude throughout the series made it very enjoyable.
— Karen, participant in Yoga for Pelvic Health series
Sarah is kind, knowledgeable, passionate and engaging. She makes you feel comfortable and safe in her classes. The knowledge that she shares in her Reclaim Postpartum You series is invaluable to any postpartum mom, regardless if you are 2 months or 2 years postpartum. Sarah will help you understanding how your pelvic floor and core muscles work and how to support and strengthen them through proper breathing and positive movement. She will help you understand that your body is not broken. She will inspire you to dig down deep and uncover your big feelings, hopes and yearnings. I would recommend the Reclaim Postpartum You series to any mom out there!
— Natalie, participant in Reclaim Postpartum You series
After experiencing birth trauma, I was referred to Sarah’s Yoga for Pelvic Health Course by All Things Pelvic. When I first signed up, I was thinking this is just an average yoga class to help with flexibility and strengthening, but because it was in partnership with All Things Pelvic, I was open to it. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong in my initial understanding of Sarah’s Yoga for Pelvic Health course and I didn’t even know how desperately I needed this course taught by Sarah. Sarah creates a sacred space in her yoga class that is welcoming and caring and creates the right environment to allow for restoration and healing. 

After going through an emotionally and physically traumatic birth, this class was the first time I truly had to calm my body and mind to allow for both mental and physical healing. The pelvic health yoga class techniques and structure gave my body the sacral balancing I needed and it was the beginning of the true healing process for me. In the months following the course, I have made the pelvic health yoga exercises part of my fitness routine and I am healing and getting stronger as a result of Sarah’s Yoga for Pelvic Health.
— Melissa, participant in Yoga for Pelvic Health series, All Things Pelvic
I have loved every minute of Sarah’s prenatal class. She is so knowledgeable and made me feel more comfortable with my own strength and abilities as I go through this next phase of my pregnancy. Really looking forward to the next session with Sarah!
— Prenatal Yogi, Juici Yoga
Sarah can make any woman feel proud to be a woman. She can help you learn how to take care of your pelvic health at any age. Her meditation with breath work will go deep without effort. She shares her knowledge with calmness and clarity. Such a lovely experience. I highly recommend Sarah’s Yoga for Pelvic Health.
— Julie, particpant in Yoga for Pelvic Health series
Sarah is a fantastic prenatal yoga teacher. The variety of poses gives you a great foundation to be able to practice on your own, but also pushes you in the class to actively engage your body and exercise it. Prepare to feel happy, special and celebrated for the amazing process your body, mind and spirit are going through to bring life into the world! Sarah makes the class enjoyable, rewarding, and relaxing.
— Prenatal Yogi, Juici Yoga
Sarah is very knowledgeable, each class was very fulfilling in every way possible. I especially loved that each class included some group chat, prenatal yoga and meditation.
— Karima, Emerging Mama at Juici Yoga
This class opens your mind and relaxes your body as you journey through the beautiful stages of growing new life! Sarah provides great insight to the changes in your body and helps to ease your mind about labour and delivery.
— Prenatal Yogi, Juici Yoga
I was referred to Sarah by a close friend for prenatal yoga because she focuses on the involvement of the pelvic floor! Sarah is a tremendous instructor who is kind, courteous and understanding of the body and the impacts that pregnancy has on it. I took her classes from early on in my pregnancy and will continue to do so for as long as I can! She strikes the perfect balance of providing mom-to-be with a suitable and appropriate “workout” but also the opportunity for reflection and relaxation! I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and refocus that energy for when our little one is on it’s way!
— Rachelle, Prenatal Yogi, Juici Yoga
I became a yoga student of Sarah’s during the very last weeks of my second pregnancy. I really wish I had met Sarah sooner. The classes we had together were accommodating, informative, and relaxing with just the right amount of push to keep me challenging myself. Sarah made me more aware of how to activate my [pelvic floor] muscles when breathing and in various yoga poses. Sarah also showed me poses to continue at home to promote relaxation and to get my body ready for childbirth. Sarah has been amazing at keeping in touch since the birth of my son, sending me tips on how to add self-care into my life. I’m looking forward to beginning postnatal yoga with Sarah very soon! If you have the chance to have Sarah as a yoga instructor, take the opportunity.
— Carey Soehner
Looking for more from your yoga? Try a class with Sarah de Poray! I’ve been doing yoga for a few years and thought I knew what it was about. I started taking lunch time classes with Sarah at The Gardens of Elmira and had my eyes opened to what else yoga can be. Her classes are always fun and inventive. She has a real understanding of what motions make sense to the body. Through her classes, I’ve found an increase in balance, strength, flexibility and range of motion. All of these make life more enjoyable but the place I notice it most is on the golf course! Balance, flexibility and range of motion are key ingredients to a good golf swing and these past few months I notice I’ve been consistently making more good golf shots. If you want to improve your game and yourself, this is where it starts.
— Mark Rose
Sarah’s prenatal yoga session was the first yoga session I attended on a regular basis and I am very glad that I did. She does a wonderful job of explaining what we are doing and why and is not bothered when you ask for her to repeat something or explain something further. Her sessions focused a lot on the physical and mental well-being of the body rather than the spiritual, and that fit with what I was looking for. I would highly recommend Sarah for prenatal yoga and I am very much looking forward to attending postnatal yoga with her as well. Her enthusiasm for what she teaches is clearly evident and it helps put you at ease at what can be a stressful time in life.
— Prenatal Yogi, Juici Yoga
Sarah is one of the most amazing instructors I’ve ever met. Her passion and extensive knowledge combined with her gentle voice and caring nature make Sarah an incredible educator and guide.
— Sharron Cook, owner of The Gardens of Elmira
Sarah and I did pre/postnatal yoga teacher training together. From the very first day, Sarah’s warmth and generosity of spirit stood out for me. As we learned and practiced together, I also witnessed the technical proficiency and intuitive fluidity that she brings to her practice and her teaching. Watching her, it is obvious that her expertise is grounded in the study and practice of yoga, in its truest sense, both on and off the mat, and that she is deeply committed to personal evolution, connection between women and with our true selves. This is all topped off by the beautiful smile that is never far from her lips and eyes.
— Racquel G. Smith
Sarah has an infectious smile and a way of making you feel like everything will be ok. By learning a new breathing technique I have been able to deepen my stretches and get a greater sense of relaxation and presence. Sarah has made me realize that yoga is a gift to yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Lord of the Dance pose - no where close to it but I do know you can still be a yogi even if you need a lot of bolsters!
— Kelly, private client
Makes Mondays bearable! Sarah’s joi de vivre is so inspiring. She is knowledgeable, kind and encouraging. Her sessions are full of helpful little hints at improving your yoga experience. I always feel so much better after our class and am ready to face the rest of the day with a little spring in my step.
— Cindy Bossenberry
Sarah’s passion and knowledge shines through in her teaching. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She has inspired me to add yoga to my running training schedule, to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and overall body awareness - all of which will contribute to healing and recovery, as well as efficiency during the run. I am forever thankful to this wonderful soul.
— Doreen Weise
Sarah designs thoughtful classes with the needs of her students in mind. Her passion for yoga and her caring nature shine through in each of her classes and will leave you feeling supported and encouraged in your practice.
— Lindsay Egan
Sarah is a wonderful teacher, creating fun and dynamic classes with her enthusiasm and creative visualizations. Her passion shines through and enlivens her classes.
— Kiara Elliott