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Your Prenatal Health


Yoga, movement, meditation, and support for you at any stage of your pregnancy



Your pregnancy is a time of tremendous change.


How you move in your evolving body, how you see yourself, how you see the world.

How you want to bring your baby into the world, what you hope motherhood will be like.

These are all so important to consider and you’re not meant to do this alone.

Let’s do it together.

It’s time for a sisterhood through motherhood.


Using yoga, movement, meditation, reflection, self-care practices, thoughtful discussion and more, we will spend time together moving our bodies, minds and hearts.

You are emerging, Mama!

And we're going to support you, move you, hear you, and celebrate you!



What Others are Saying...

I was referred to Sarah by a close friend for prenatal yoga because she focuses on the involvement of the pelvic floor! Sarah is a tremendous instructor who is kind, courteous and understanding of the body and the impacts that pregnancy has on it. I took her classes from early on in my pregnancy and will continue to do so for as long as I can! She strikes the perfect balance of providing mom-to-be with a suitable and appropriate “workout” but also the opportunity for reflection and relaxation! I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and refocus that energy for when our little one is on it’s way!
— Rachelle, Prenatal Yogi, Community of Hearts Yoga
I have loved every minute of Sarah’s prenatal class. She is so knowledgeable and made me feel more comfortable with my own strength and abilities as I go through this next phase of my pregnancy. Really looking forward to the next session with Sarah!
— Prenatal Yogi, Community of Hearts Yoga
Sarah is a fantastic prenatal yoga teacher. The variety of poses gives you a great foundation to be able to practice on your own, but also pushes you in the class to actively engage your body and exercise it. Prepare to feel happy, special and celebrated for the amazing process your body, mind and spirit are going through to bring life into the world! Sarah makes the class enjoyable, rewarding, and relaxing.
— Prenatal Yogi, Community of Hearts Yoga