- Evolving Mama -

Your Postpartum Health


Yoga, movement, meditation, and support for you when at least 8 weeks postpartum



When you had your baby, two beings were born:

your baby and you as a mother.


Without any rites of passage in our modern, Western culture, this transformation can oftentimes be overwhelming and isolating.

Your best sources of guidance through motherhood are:

the wise, intuitive voice within you


a compassionate community to anchor yourself in.


You’re not meant to do this alone. Let’s do it together.

It’s time for a sisterhood through motherhood.


Using yoga, movement, meditation, reflection, self-care practices, thoughtful discussion and more, we will spend these beautiful evenings together moving our bodies, minds and hearts. 

You are evolving, Mama!

And we’re going to support you, move you, hear you, and celebrate you!