- Reclaiming You -

Your Pelvic Health


Yoga, movement, meditation, and support for prevention of and recovery from your pelvic health issues



Your pelvic health is whole-body health.

It’s time to get answers. It’s time to feel whole.



All the many aspects of what makes you who you are and how you move through your days need to be addressed when preventing and healing pelvic health issues.

Women, in particular, have been living for generations with a massive disconnect between our pelvis and the rest of our body. So many of us don't know or understand (let alone fully embrace) the powerful, cyclical processes that take place in our pelvis as we move through our unique journey through life.

It is time to reclaim your unbelievably strong, creative and passionate self - head to toe, inside and out, starting with our pelvis!


One of the best things you can do for your pelvic health is to get informed

Awareness is life-changing. 


Think of your deep core as a system that's made up your pelvic floor muscles, your diaphragm, your transverse abdominus and your multifidus. These muscles work together to stabilize and support the various functions of your pelvis and trunk. They are designed to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in movement and posture, as well as, to relax and shut off when not required.

A number of factors can lead to a loss of normal functioning of your deep core system, such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, pelvic surgery, but also less obvious factors such as ineffective heavy lifting strategies and unhelpful breathing, bathroom and posture habits. Common symptoms can include :

incontinence (bladder or bowel)

abdominal separation

pain during sex

pelvic organ prolapse

pubic symphysis pain

SI joint pain

hip pain


We will work together using yoga and movement, breath work and meditation, alignment and posture, reflection and self-care practices to bring awareness to your current pelvic health issues, restore function and confidence to your deep core, while integrating these improvements into whole-body movements of your daily life, encouraging calm and confidence in body, mind and soul. 

It's time to reclaim you!