Our Mama Movement


The path awaits us.

The path awaits our gathering, our intentions of love and support for one another, our movement together over known and unknown terrain, and our commitment to hold one another through the journey into and through the lifetime of motherhood.

Yes, Our Mama Movement is about moving our body, movement outside, in the beauty of nature. But it’s also about movement of our minds, our hearts, our souls.

Our Mama Movement puts our movement, mindfulness and caring practices in a new light. It connects all of us who gather in warmth and depth.

Our Mama Movement is about community. Sisterhood. It’s about seeing each other, sharing what’s needing to be said, and lightening the load of our sisters.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, are struggling with fertility, are currently pregnant, had your baby, had your babies years ago, or support women at any of these stages, YOU ARE WELCOME & YOU ARE NEEDED!

Feel your body, heart and mind in motion. In health. In sisterhood.

We’re in this together. We need each other.

Let’s walk this path together.


Babies can come along or stay cozy at home - whatever is easiest for you!

This is a free event. And donations to Marillac Place are welcome.

No sign-up required. Just meet us there with a smile!


Our Mama Movement Walks are on pause for the summer.

Get outside with your family and friends (young and old). Try some new parks or trails. Move more often!