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To extend the reach of my offerings to you and connect my heart with yours wherever you are. To weave a more diverse community and sisterhood together.

This is why we will now have increasing opportunities to meet, move, learn, and connect online.

I look so forward to what we will be able to create together, in our lives and in our communities.

Online Programs are in development!

Stay connected and ready to jump in with me!



I’m developing this program with my beloved mentor, Sasha Padron through The Centre for Growing Families. We will be officially launching Nourishing New Motherhood in mid-October 2019.

This is a program for pregnant and postpartum mamas looking for support on integrating a holistic approach to healing, recovering and thriving after birth.

Through the program, we will share lots of goodness around preparing your mind, body and soul for birth, creating a nourishing plan for the days, weeks and months following your baby’s birth and how to create and gather a village of support to help you thrive postpartum.

Nourishing New Motherhood will catch you during those tender weeks postpartum (2 - 10 weeks) when it’s too soon to be attending a group yoga or fitness class, a mother’s group or local drop-in but your body and soul are wanting nourishing movements, practices and community to help you come back into alignment and balance.


From now until when we officially launch the program in October, we're inviting you to join us in three Zoom calls over the next few months. These calls will be opportunities for us to gather in circle to hear each other's voices and learn more about each other.

Our second Zoom call will be August 8th at 1:00pm EST.

To take part in these calls, you’ll need to sign up for the NOURISHING NEW MOTHERHOOD email list. You will receive the link for the Zoom calls and further information about the program as we get closer to the Fall through this email list.

Click HERE to sign up!

Nourishing New Motherhood has been a dream come true. Sasha and Sarah have created a deeply nourishing, supportive, and empowering space for new Moms to feel held and connected in their postpartum experience. As a pregnant woman in a big city, I have often felt alone and isolated in my pregnancy, longing to connect with other women who are going through a similar journey as myself. Nourishing New Motherhood has given me that sense of connection, community, and support that I have been looking for, as I prepare to become a Mother for the first time. I am so grateful for the compassion, wisdom, and playfulness that Sasha and Sarah bring to our circles, and for the opportunity to be in such an authentic and nourishing space.
— Mila