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Your Early Postpartum Health


Yoga, movement, meditation, and support for the first 6-8 weeks after your birth experience



The first 8 weeks of motherhood are like no other time in your life. You've finally welcomed this beautiful new baby into your world. It's an intense process of getting to know each other! Long days and long nights, each blending into the other. Your body, mind and heart are constantly drawn to and demanded from this little being of yours.

It's an overwhelming time. Lots of emotions. Fluctuating hormones. Hunger. Thirst. Fatigue. It's all-consuming. Just as it should be. This time is intended for you and your baby to connect deeply.

Although there is no handbook, you're doing your best and that's perfect. Being present, attentive, and loving is everything your baby needs. 

No matter what kind of birth you had, your body is changed. Your pregnancy, your labour and delivery have had huge effects on how your body looks and feels right now. It may not take long before you start to crave exercise and weight loss. Be patient. These first couple months can feel like a long time to wait, but it's not. I promise you. Give your body time to heal. This is not a time to rush back to tons of activity. This is a time to rest, love and be loved.

Let people help. Let them take care of you. Let them take care of your baby. Let them bring food and clean your house. In fact, ask them to do these things. People want to help, but often don't know how they can in a meaningful way.

Take this time to accept and enjoy a slower pace of life. We live in a busy world. Let this new life as a mom change how you see the world. You get to decide what life is like now. Listen to that inner voice. Let her speak to you. Everything you need to know for this role is inside of you already. 

You are the expert. 



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