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I am a certified Pranalife yoga instructor in the Waterloo region, specialized in:


Yoga for Pelvic Health

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

Progressive Flow Yoga, supporting spine and joint health


Let's work together to make your movements feel better and stronger, your thoughts more clear and focused, and your life a bit simpler.



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(Many thanks to Mitch Mommaerts & Asia Nelson)


What Others Are Saying...


My  hope with this testimonial is that I can convey how much Sarah has already helped me improve myself not only physically but mentally as well. Before I met Sarah, the only thing I knew about yoga was seeing people who were able to put their bodies in positions that required a lot of flexibility. Improving flexibility wasn’t the type of yoga I was looking for.

I needed someone who understood the complexities of living with Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and how important it is to exercise safely with this condition. Sarah is compassionate, understanding, energetic and committed to helping me. She is teaching me the proper way to use my pelvic floor muscles not only to strengthen my pelvic floor and exercise safely but also how these muscles play such an important & integrated part in my daily life. Sarah challenges me to push myself a little farther each week while making sure I am staying within my ability to perform those exercises.

Sarah goes above and beyond. She takes the time to follow up with me during the week, has made videos for me to follow at home and sends me a practice program each week to work on between sessions.

Most importantly Sarah has taught me there is so much more to yoga than exercise.  I am learning how important meditation and mindfulness are to help reduce the stresses in life and move forward to achieve a peaceful sense of being.  I feel very fortunate to have found Sarah de Poray.

     ~ Kelly Buckley

Sarah’s prenatal yoga session was the first yoga session I attended on a regular basis and I am very glad that I did. She does a wonderful job of explaining what we are doing and why and is not bothered when you ask for her to repeat something or explain something further. Her sessions focused a lot on the physical and mental well-being of the body rather than the spiritual, and that fit with what I was looking for. I would highly recommend Sarah for prenatal yoga and I am very much looking forward to attending postnatal yoga with her as well. Her enthusiasm for what she teaches is clearly evident and it helps put you at ease at what can be a stressful time in life.    

~ Prenatal Yoga Student, Community of Hearts Yoga


I became a yoga student of Sarah's during the very last weeks of my second pregnancy. I really wish I had met Sarah sooner. The classes we had together were accommodating, informative, and relaxing with just the right amount of push to keep me challenging myself. Sarah made me more aware of how to activate my [pelvic floor] muscles when breathing and in various yoga poses. Sarah also showed me poses to continue at home to promote relaxation and to get my body ready for childbirth. Sarah has been amazing at keeping in touch since the birth of my son, sending me tips on how to add self-care into my life. I'm looking forward to beginning postnatal yoga with Sarah very soon! If you have the chance to have Sarah as a yoga instructor, take the opportunity. :)

~ Carey Soehner


Sarah is one of the most amazing instructors I've ever met. Her passion and extensive knowledge combined with her gentle voice and caring nature make Sarah an incredible educator and guide.

~ Sharron Cook, owner of The Gardens of Elmira



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